Graham Reay




Graham's a Michigan native who swapped the chilly northern lakes for South Carolina's palmy charm, all after acing a triple threat major in advertising, marketing, and management at Northwood University. Sure, he's left the snow behind, but not his love for ranch dressing on absolutely everything, and you'll still catch him saying "Ope, let me just squeeze right by ya there" like a true Midwesterner.

In August 2021, Graham jumped into the Valued Voice team as a Customer Success Manager. He's all about getting down to business, helping his clients craft killer long-term strategies to boost their online presence and get some serious bang for their buck. His keen eye for detail means his clients' link-building and content creation are in top-notch hands.

Off the clock, Graham's likely out on a lake, fishing from his kayak. He's pretty hardcore about kayak bass fishing and loves to throw his line in at tournaments across the southeast. Back on dry land, he's usually strolling the neighborhood with his wife and dog, whipping up something yummy in the kitchen, or digging into the latest Netflix hit – and yeah, he's always up for show suggestions!

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:  860-339-6655