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Are you a passionate travel blogger seeking new opportunities to monetize your content and elevate your online presence? Valued Voice is a content creator platform designed to help you connect with exciting opportunities that can take you to the next level. Valued Voice is user-friendly and provides all the tools necessary to start earning from the hard work you've spent growing your following.

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Why Join Valued Voice?

Our influencer platform empowers you to earn money with the audience you've built, on your terms.

There's so many reasons to earn with valued voice. Our platform provides the best experience so you can focus more time on what matters most to you!

Passionate Travel Enthusiasts

If you have a genuine love for travel and a knack for bringing your adventures to life through engaging content, we want to hear from you! Valued Voice helps you earn! 

Diverse Perspectives

Valued Voice values the diversity of the "travel" space. Whether you focus on luxury travel, budget-friendly tips, cultural explorations, or off-the-beaten-path adventures, we have opportunities for everyone.

Content Creators With a Voice

Your unique voice and storytelling style set you apart. We want to collaborate with travel influences that have a great audience and resonate with their following through a different perspective or style.

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 Working with Valued Voice

Valued Voice prides itself on being a standout influencer marketing platform for creators. You should consider working with an expert for many reasons rather than going it alone. As a blogger, your primary focus is making great content, but opportunities must be taken advantage of to increase your monetization options.

Taking your passion a step further to establish new partnerships is a massive step toward how to make money as a travel blogger. When you work with an influencer marketing agency, you can unlock new opportunities, which include:

Multiple Income Streams

Making your first few dollars online with your passion provides a huge confidence boost toward your understanding of this space. Already monetizing your content? Influencer marketing agencies such as Valued Voice give you more options to grow your income streams with sponsored posts, deals, and increased advertisement.

A Way to Grow Status and Network

While you are an expert at growing your following, you need someone in your corner who's doing the same for your brand. Being part of a community built for influencers will give you better ways to collaborate and form lasting partnerships with brands.

Taking Opportunities That Best Suit You

With experts such as Valued Voice, you can leave finding potential opportunities to us. We'll present you with opportunities; you select 'em. It's that simple.

Build Partnerships With Hotels and Brands

Featuring products, sponsored blog posts, and other content with world-renowned hotels and other travel-related brands increases your credibility and advertising opportunities.

More Notoriety and Trust in The Community

Working with an influencer marketing platform enables you to be recognized as a reliable source of information and entertainment.

Join thousands of influencers who are connecting with brands for content collaborations and partnerships.

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Why Work With Valued Voice?

Valued Voice has an easy-to-use dashboard and management system that helps you quickly set up your profile page. It helps you along the way to let you know anything that still needs to be filled out so you can hit the ground running immediately.

Here are just a few things that set Valued Voice apart:

Free Account

No payment is necessary. Simply create a free account and start earning. It only takes 5 minutes to set your rates and to submit your details and channel.

Fast Payouts

Consistency in this field? Yes, way! Get paid every month on the first or as little as 72 hours after you finish your selected job.

Editorial Selection

We'll never force anything on you. You have complete discretion over who you choose to work with so that it resonates with your brand and audience.


We do the back-and-forth for you so that you can focus on being awesome.

Price Control

You have complete control over who you work with and how much you charge.

Take Your First Step to Turn Your Dream Into Reality With Valued Voice

Don't spend another minute wondering how to make money as a travel blogger. Valued Voice is here to take your content to the next level so that you can start earning. Select the brands you want to work with, get noticed, and start getting paid for all the hard work you've been putting in.

Sign up with Valued Voice today for your free account. We take the risk out of your monetization efforts while giving you complete and wholesome editorial control. Make money (hassle-free) today!

What our community says

"Valued Voice has been an awesome platform to work with. They send opportunities that are relevant to my audience, and I choose the ones that work for me! On top of that, the platform is easy and the payouts are fast. Couldn't ask for more!"

carolyn (1)
Carolyn Scott-Hamilton
Founder - The Healthy Voyager 

"Valued Voice is one of the most reliable ad networks out there. I would highly recommend anyone looking to monetize their blogs to consider working with Valued Voice."

Kristin Marquet Chester
Marquet Media LLC,

"Working with ValuedVoice for the last two years has been a great experience. As a publisher, they have offered me a variety of opportunities to publish unique content that speaks to my growing audience. They connect with me relevant partnerships and clients that I feel proud working with. It's a simple, easy, and transparent platform. Their customer success team has also worked with me to optimize my publishing experience and ensure client satisfaction."

Mike Schiemer
Founder - Bootstrap Business

"Valued Voice has been a great partner for me. What I like best is the ease of working with them. The backend dashboard is simple and easy to use. I complete my requirements and submit them and it's done!"

mike G
Mike Gingerich

"Valued Voice provides a professional service and LivingBetter50 has enjoyed working with them for many years!"

living better 50

"As a healthy, green, and natural living blogger, working with Valued Voice has been invaluable to the growth of my blog. I've sincerely enjoyed communicating valuable content by publishing sponsored posts for many wonderful companies."

Deborah Davis
Editor & Publisher -

We love working with awesome people


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