Tara Flaherty




Tara's a true Illinois gal, originally from the cozy suburbs of Wheaton, just outside Chicago. These days, she's creating a lovely life in the charming town of Geneva, IL, where she's busy raising her two kids. Back in her college days at St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa, she dived deep into Psychology and didn't stop there – she went straight on to score an M.B.A. Not to mention, she was also spiking volleyballs and serving aces as a college athlete.

After nabbing her grad degree, Tara jumped into the marketing world as an Account Manager, dabbling in sales and client success across various marketing and advertising gigs. Fast forward to now, she's eight months into making things happen as a Customer Success Manager at Valued Voice.

When she's not steering the ship at work, Tara's on mom duty, shuttling her kids to activities and all their sports stuff. But it's not all go, go, go – she loves kicking back with family and friends, maybe sipping some wine on a sunny patio, checking out new foodie spots, hitting up concerts, exploring the cool tours in Chicago, staying active, and enjoying those peaceful long walks.

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