Companies often rely on word of mouth endorsements to increase their popularity and improve sales.

Influencer marketing is a type of content marketing that takes this concept to a whole new level. When working with influencers, you can reap benefits that may take thousands of dollars to achieve with more traditional marketing strategies.

Here are seven reasons why influencers have become so popular with many companies.

They Create Relevant Content

Occasionally, you may find someone who is willing to deliver the content that you create for marketing purposes.

But overall, the influencers themselves generate content about your product or service.

You get advertising without having to produce the copy. Moreover, it is especially helpful because they know what is most likely to appeal to their followers and can focus their discussion on the features that are most attractive to that specific audience.

They Offer Unique Perspectives

As separate entities, influencers are not bound by the constraints of a company discussing its own product.

They can offer an opinion from a predominantly consumer viewpoint. The influencers can give examples of what they like best about the product and why they're going to continue to use it.

With advertisements, you get promises about what may happen; with influencers, you get personal stories born of actual experience.

They are Trusted by Their Followers

People trust their friends more than companies, and many social media users tend to view those whom they follow as friends.

Influencers use engaging content and consistent interaction to build relationships with those who are paying attention to them.

They inspire trust and loyalty. Influencers’ followers often feel like they have the inside scoop when these informal marketers let them in on the secrets of their favorite products.

They Exude Authenticity

One thing you get from a relationship with an influencer that you can't manufacture is genuine interest.

Because influencers are not employed by the companies whose products or services they promote, they are free to decline when something doesn't work for them or doesn't quite fit their public image.

They also follow FTC guidelines for divulging information any time they are compensated in exchange for a review, which allows followers to measure the weight they give to the praise.

Influencers show excitement about the things that work for them, resulting in an authentic endorsement. 

They Act as a Liaison 

Working with influencers is a smart way to build brand awareness. They seamlessly link you to your target audience among their followers simply by introducing something they think the people on their social media platforms may enjoy.

Whether they are praising your product on Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter, their mastery of their chosen platform and their relationship with their followers can bridge the gap between your product or service being one of many their audience considers and being their primary choice.

They Increase Your Following

If social media influencers are a big fan of your product, they may help you increase your own following on the platforms you use.

Using hashtags and links to your site, they can send people directly to you. If those people like what they see, you may see your number of site hits or followers increase.

Not only do the influencers support you with their own voice but they also help showcase your voice by showing people how to get to you.

They Can Give You a Good ROI

Advertising is a lucrative industry because companies are willing to pay top dollar for a stellar marketing campaign.

Ideally, the ads they generate will result in high engagement and the increased revenue that often follows.

Influencers can be great for your marketing budget. Because they typically endorse only those products they use, the cost of convincing them to do so is usually fairly low.

The payout in increased sales, however, can be high. This can increase your return on investment exponentially.

By forging a solid relationship with influencers who are predisposed to enjoy your product or service, you can reach a whole new audience for very little financial investment.

Influencer marketing is popular with many companies because it works. Your product or service is presented to a receptive audience who trusts the source advising them to buy it. Influencers can increase your brand awareness and help you improve your overall reputation.