The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on business marketing. This is especially true of influencer marketing on social media platforms.

Some reports indicate that usage has increased by over 80%. Now more than ever, people are looking to social media to stay connected.

This is also true regarding how people are making decisions about buying products or services. When customers cannot go to a store to shop, they're likely to be more receptive to making purchasing decisions based on information from social media outlets.

Consumer's needs and concerns have been shaped by the widespread effects of the recent global crisis, and that means the dynamics of influencer marketing have changed.

Here are some of the ways that the COVID 19 pandemic is altering influencer marketing and how companies and influencers alike may need to adapt their marketing efforts and activities.

Staying Connected Online is More Important than Ever Before

People are turning to social networks to assuage their concerns and to retain a sense of normalcy. It is a powerful resource that can have a positive influence on how people cope.

And it can empower them to feel hopeful about emerging from this crisis with greater solidarity and togetherness.

Social media has become a viable way to stay tied to news sources and people. Consumers are spending more and more hours on their devices to kill time as well as stay connected.

Because of these changes, influencers are uniquely positioned to make a big difference with the current consumer climate.

Consumers Needs and Interests are Changing

Right now, people are looking for honest and genuine communication. It is about finding the right balance between addressing the reality of life during quarantine and providing a positive diversion from the overwhelming side of a pandemic.

Viewer engagement is up so influencers can capitalize on that by posting content that consumers relate to right now. 

People are looking for products that will keep them comfortable at home and will help keep them safe when they venture out into the world.

Consumer staples, home entertainment, and even personal protective equipment are among the things that matter most to typical consumers today.

People also care most about maintaining a sense of normalcy, so staying active, exercising and planning for summer weather and vacations are still on their list.

Competitive pricing is particularly important during the COVID 19 pandemic. While businesses are hurting and individuals face uncertain job outlooks, people want reassurance that they are buying items that are reasonably priced.

Influencers would do well to offer promotions and highlight what is good about specific offers and the price point.

It is also strategic to acknowledge why something is useful right now and whether or not it can be used post quarantine.

Influencers Need to Keep it Real

COVID 19 is also changing the dynamics for many influencers who relied previously on industries like tourism, event planning and any other services that include face to face or group meetings.

It has required many influencers to alter their platforms a bit until strict guidelines are lifted. We are seeing influencers showing a more human and real side to themselves as they manage the new day-to-day life that may include a spouse working from home or homeschooling children.

More meals are cooked, and life is a bit messier. People do not necessarily want to see the ultra-put-together side influencers might use to post.

Pictures of influencers in their sweats without makeup staying home and staying safe speak volumes to viewers.

New Opportunities for Influencers

Many businesses who have not previously tapped into influencer marketing channels are anxious to jump on the bandwagon.

They understand that active social media markets are their key to survival in these unprecedented times.

This presents an excellent opportunity for growth for influencers. Influencers that can show businesses they have a substantial following can cash in on their online presence with a new wave of sales hungry clients.

Now is a great time for existing and even new influencers to approach businesses and land some new campaigns. 

The COVID 19 pandemic has turned the world's economy and marketplace upside down, but despite these unique and trying times, the power of the social media influencer continues to thrive.