New startup entrepreneurs and small business owners struggle each day to build company brand awareness and market their products and services to what feels like is a shrinking audience.

The problem is that potential customers now see ads on almost every social media platform they visit every day.

This can cause consumers to tune out and mentally block anything they may perceive as an advertisement.

That is where word-of-mouth marketing and influencer marketing can help break through the mental block. 

Building Relationships

For centuries, businesses have used word-of-mouth endorsements to build relationships with consumers because it worked.

As neighbors and friends recommended a company or product, the business grew on the strength of those special relationships.

A trusted personal source was the best way to advertise any product or service. It still is because not much has changed over the years, except for the way business and marketing campaigns now attract consumers to buy.

It still comes down to building personal relationships and spreading information from one consumer to another.

Consumers are the best source of advertising any business can have because they make the sales. 

Influencing Consumers

A new kind of content marketing can be found in the influencer marketing campaign. The influencer can successfully break through the noise of social media ads using strategies the lone business user would be unable to.

Still employing the personal relationship, but using a much broader method, the influencer marketing approach has proven it can affect public buying behaviors by using small, but relevant approaches to specific targets.

By employing an influencer to promote products, services, or creations, a business will find engagement rates can quickly rise with little or no additional costs. 

Employing Media

Influence marketing allows business owners to take their product to relevant consumers and save themselves thousands of dollars over traditional strategies in marketing campaigns.

This is done by employing social media sites and allowing the rapport those sites have with their followers to drive the personal relationship and trust they have with their viewers to spread the word.

That means feed subscribers to a specific network or channel may be more prone to purchase or investigate a product or service than another type of subscriber with a different disposition toward another category of information would be – that is the power of social media influences. 

Helping Businesses

One of the most amazing ways the influencer can help business owners is through the use of a target audience produced by smaller, and more specific viewer platforms.

A micro-influencer is successful because they are everyday people using word of mouth marketing to sell everyday products or services to people just like themselves.

Most don’t actively push sales, but instead, they make recommendations or give advice, and since their viewers have grown to trust them, word of mouth is inherently positive and powerful. 

Increasing Sales

When a social media influencer advertises a brand, they often simply mention the product or service.

That can be enough to send hundreds or thousands of individuals to engage with a business site.

The site hit number can rise, and sales can quickly increase because consumers become aware of that product or service.

Another advantage you may find when you work with influencers in growing your business is that the return on investment can be startling.

With high engagement comes increased revenue, and that often means return customers and business growth. 

Exuding Trust

Consumers show genuine interest in people they follow on social media sites. Those relationships have a strong bond that customers trust.

When an influencer suggests a product or service, the regulars to that site see it is an authentic endorsement and consider that product backing as they would from a family member or friend.

There is power in trust. 

Creating Business

You can use the knowledge and experience of influencer marketing teams to find the right influencers for your company.

No matter what type of marketing needs you may have, be it digital marketing, product endorsement, or content marketing, there is an influencer out there that can drive consumers to your site and raise your sales.

Whatever your marketing budget is, why not change from the traditional advertising methods to the new social media influencer and see how the return on investment pays off.

You will probably be surprised at how quickly the site engagement numbers rise.