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Choosing the Best Instagram Captions

May 31, 2022

Written by Casey Bjorkdahl

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Choosing the Best Instagram Captions


A strong Instagram caption can get a user to stop scrolling, and the more time they spend reading your caption and interacting with your post, the better the algorithm will treat your post. Captions are an effective tool for boosting likes, comments, and website traffic. And if your post attracts enough engagement, it may even be featured on the Explore Page!

How to Come Up with Good Captions for Instagram

Instagram captions also offer a great opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your audience. So what should a great Instagram caption look like? It should be one that gives context, conveys personality, and motivates your followers to act on it. But when writer's block creeps up and you've spent hours polishing your Instagram pictures, composing a caption might feel like too much work.

Here are a few tips to get you started on your journey of creating captivating Instagram captions that convert users into devoted, active followers.

The Best Instagram Captions Prioritize the Vital Information

The maximum number of characters permitted in an Instagram caption (2,200) is only a formality. That being said, it is vital to remember that captions in users' feeds are cut off after four lines of text. This does not imply that you should make your captions extremely brief so that people may view the entire text without clicking "more." Instead, prioritize vital material or textual calls-to-action in your captions, and save hashtags, @mentions, and unnecessary information for the end.

Always Include a Call to Action or a Question in Captions for Instagram

As an influencer or content creator, any post you publish should have a purpose; thus, begin each with its own objective and let that objective determine the call to action. Encourage participation to generate a sense of discourse and conversation. This is also a technique to circumvent Instagram's algorithm, which uses engagement as a statistic to determine how your posts are displayed to followers. Promoting engagement enhances the probability that your post will show in other users' feeds as a "recommended account."

Here are some call to action texts you can use in your Instagram captions:

  • Follow the link in the bio.
  • Leave a comment (typically in response to a question).
  • Tag a friend.
  • Upload an image with your branded hashtag.

Emojis are Essential for Good Insta Captions

Emojis may be divisive for more serious communication channels such as email and SMS; receivers may either adore them or loathe them. But for clever Instagram captions, emojis should almost always be present. Data reveals that the greater the use of emojis, the higher the engagement. According to an infographic prepared by SocialMediaToday, these cute icons and emoticons may raise Instagram engagement rates by 48%.

Now, this does not imply that you should add 20+ emojis every time you post; there is a threshold of diminishing return somewhere, and it's dangerously near the line of alienating your audience. Start with a few and observe how your followers react. If you get a positive response, consider adding a little more. Cool captions for instagram using emojis are sure to get a reaction from followers

Compose Your Instagram Caption Ideas Using a Different Platform

By writing your captions on a different platform first, you're more inclined to think strategically and without distractions. While writing your Instagram captions, remember to prioritize your marketing and engagement objectives. Try coming up with a couple of alternate caption ideas, as the first one you write may not always be the best. Allow your imagination to flourish, and enjoy the process.

Good Instagram Captions Use Hashtags

Instagram hashtags are crucial for making your posts searchable, so be sure to use them effectively. They play the role of keywords in that they can be tracked and searched. Aim for a mixture of branded (a trademark hashtag you establish for your company), community (used by individuals in the same trade as you or by influencers you are aiming to recruit), and other current hashtags that are relevant to your business. Analyze the hashtags used by your rivals, target demographic, influencers, and industry leaders while creating content.

Space out Instagram captions

When surfing Instagram, you may have noticed that some individuals separate their captions into sections or paragraphs. The text is separated by spaces or stars. This is a great approach for captions that exceed three lines since it gives them a clean appearance and makes them simpler to read. To begin a new paragraph of your caption, use the "return" button.

The first line of a decent universal caption template is a concise introduction that summarizes the content, followed by a blank line before more explanation. Another space can be inserted to separate the caption's "body" from its hashtags.

Compelling yet simple Instagram captions can boost engagement, which is crucial for Instagram's algorithm. A well-written copy in your captions defines the narrative and personality of your brand, which convinces your followers that they need what you're offering. In summary, Instagram captions play an integral role in the social media success of your brand, which can significantly boost your bottom line.

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