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How to Take Control of your Instagram Engagement Rates

May 18, 2022

Written by Casey Bjorkdahl

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How to Take Control of your Instagram Engagement Rates

Instagram remains a popular social media account and provides influencers and others with plenty of money-making opportunities. However, it would help boost your engagement rate (or the rate at which people read and interact with your posts) to get any real success. Simply having a lot of followers isn't enough, though it helps. For those wondering how to increase instagram engagement, here's what you need to know about this critical process.

Boosting Your Instagram Engagement

Is your instagram engagement down? Want to know how to boost engagement on instagram? Enhancing your Instagram engagement rate is affected by several factors. These elements make up a successful Instagram account and can slowly but surely, build your attention and potentially increase your revenue. These important Instagram engagement factors include:

  • Followers: More followers can help boost your engagement rate, yes. But it would help if you had high-quality followers, people who are more likely to interact with your profile because you have information that interests them. So again, fine-tuning your niche is vital in this situation.
  • Comments: Commenting on other people's content and getting words on yours shows engagement. We can't emphasize this enough: interacting with others and commenting on their comments builds a connection that you can use when building an audience.
  • Stories: Yes, stories only last a short time but can provide your viewers with polls, questions, chat opportunities, etc. These short-term engagement opportunities are likely to connect with many people and increase your engagement rate unexpectedly.
  • Tags and Mentions: Adding tags and mentioning followers can help engage with them and build potential engagement opportunities. Put in some time in your account and not just assume you'll naturally make money, so make sure you take the time to engage genuinely.

How to Calculate Engagement Rate on Instagram

There are a number of tools and services that offer an engagement calculator for instagram, but it's also possible to figure this out on your own. The first step to determining engagement rate is to first check instagram engagement. If you need to know how to find engagement rate on instagram, take a look at this guide that can help you. After that, Instagram users may use several different formulas and calculating methods when figuring their engagement rates. However, the following simple method should give you a good idea of your engagement rate, though it takes a little work:

  • Calculate a Post's Public Interactions: Count how many times your post gets linked and commented on and shared and saved.
  • Divide that Amount By Followers: Divide the public interactions by your number of account followers to get what might seem like a tiny number.
  • Multiple That Rate By 100: After getting the previous result, multiply the number by 100 to get your post's engagement rate.
  • Calculate All Posts: Find all of your post's percentages, add them together, and divide by the total number of posts to get your account's engagement rate.

You may also use reach (or the number of active users or people who read your post) instead of your total account count. This number is something you can gauge with various social-media tools. Using this number gives you a more accurate number and can even show that your engagement rate is much higher than expected. Try to use a few approaches to get the best results here.

What is the Average Engagement Rate on Instagram?

A lot of people wonder what a good engagement rate on instagram is, and to answer this we can start by considering the average. Your average Instagram engagement rate will vary depending on several varying factors, including what media you share. However, breaking down these engagement rates can help you better understand which option works best for you. For example, the average for carousel-based posts is about 1.92%, which is surprisingly high. Furthermore, the engagement rate averages for other varying Instagram posts include:

  • Video: 1.45%
  • Image: 1.74%
  • Two-Side Carousel: 1.9%
  • Three-Slide Carousel: 1.81%
  • Four-Slide Carousel: 1.7%
  • Five-Slide Carousel: 1.73%
  • Six-Slide Carousel: 1.77%
  • Seven-Slide Carousel: 1.82%

This engagement rate continually increases as you add slides, where it peaks at 2.07% with a 10-slide carousel. Each extra slide gives your viewers more content and potentially increases your engagement rate. It also provides more context and might interest more customers simultaneously. However, this overall rate can also vary depending on whether or not you buy Instagram followers.

Should You Buy Instagram Engagement?

While you might see a lot of articles and sites trying to sell Instagram followers and engagement, it is rarely a wise idea to buy Instagram engagement. There are a few reasons why this is not a good idea, particularly if you're trying to raise your engagement organically. Problems with this approach include:

  • Fairweather Friends: Yes, you can buy friends on social media. But what friends are they? The kind who probably rarely, if ever, engage with your posts. They may even stop following you eventually if you don't fit their niche. It's simply a waste of your time.
  • Monetary Waste: You spend good money to buy Instagram followers and 20-30K. However, they rarely click on your posts or engage with them and never click on your links. You just spent good money to make an arbitrary number go up without increasing your account's value.
  • Potential Ramifications: Did you know that Instagram and other social media websites continually investigate accounts if they notice a sudden increase in followers? Some might penalize you and even delete your account and ban you forever. Why take that risk?

Even if it's tempting to buy a few hundred followers and see if you can't convert some into engagement, it's rarely worth the money. Instead, you should just do what other Instagram influencers do and continually share interesting content that brings more and more people to your profile and more engagement on instagram.

Naturally Boost Your Instagram Engagement

Even if you take a while, if you're active on Instagram and continually share engaging content and interact with others, your follower list should go up, and your engagement rate should increase. For example, putting thought into coming up with a high engagement instagram caption is one way to boost engagement. Another is using instagram engagement post ideas that are known to be effective. Remember: it's not the number of followers that matters, but the quantity. Having numerous followers is only good if they interact with you and generate revenue.

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