You may have heard people talking about using influencers to promote their products or services.

With information showing consumers trust influencers more than companies, you may have decided it is in your best interest to develop your own marketing strategy that features influencers.

There are various types of influencer marketing campaigns. Once you choose influencers that can help you, the next step is to learn about the variety of campaigns and which ones will work best for you.

Create Content Together

This type of marketing strategy means you split the duties of content creation with your chosen influencers.

There are multiple types of co-created content, including videos, surveys, question-and-answer blog posts, and podcast segments.

Use Influencer-Created Content

You can choose to turn over content creation to influencers. Influencers share sponsored content related to your product or service on their channels, from social media platforms to blogs.

When you work with influencers this way, they can flawlessly blend the marketing for your brand into their regular content. This gives your brand more credibility with an influencer’s audience.

This strategy is flexible and works well across multiple channels, including photographs on Instagram, posts on Twitter, vlogs, instructional videos, and a sponsored post on the influencer’s blog.

According to Kite, 58 percent of consumers say they get a feeling of satisfaction from supporting their favorite influencers by buying items they promote.

50 percent say influencer-promoted merchandise makes them feel closer to influencers as well as specific brands.

By fostering a connection with influencers, you simultaneously connect with their followers.

Product Giveaways

Giveaway strategies are one of the most popular types of influencer marketing campaigns because they are uncomplicated and benefit both the influencer and your business.

When you adopt this type of strategy, your brand gets noticed because of the fresh and original influencer content.

It helps in driving traffic to your web site, and you can earn lots of shares, follows, and comments.

With this marketing strategy, the influencer asks readers to do basic things such as enter email addresses, comment on a post, or answer simple questions. This will help get people engaged, and it creates interest in your brand.

Social Media Takeover

With this approach, you turn over your social media channels to an influencer. For a specified period, the influencer controls your social media presence to raise awareness for your service or product.

For this strategy to be successful, you must choose an influencer whose brand identity aligns with yours.  

Influencers get their followers interested in your event, service, or product by posting images, contests, and question-and-answer sessions.

Promoting Events

In this type of influencer campaign, you work with influencers to publicize consumer-targeted affairs, whether face-to-face meetups or online events such as webinars.

Invite influencers to your occasion and encourage them to promote the event to their followers, explaining they will be present.

The influencers you work with may host their own events. Ask them if you can sponsor and even take part in these occasions.

This type of involvement puts your product or service in front of their audiences and can lead to long-term relationships with new customers.

Affiliate Marketing

These kinds of influencer marketing strategies involve partnering with influencers to promote products.

Influencers create content with links that direct readers to your website or advertise online sales and discount codes.

When you get a sale, influencers are rewarded or paid commission based upon the sales they inspire. Affiliate marketing works well in combination with other types of promotions.

  • Influencers sharing your content on their social channels
  • Hashtags
  • Competitions and giveaways

Affiliate marketing promotions, which are mutually beneficial, are quite popular.

Sponsored Social Media Content

Even if you have great content, social networks are so busy that potential customers could miss it.

Working with influencers who match your business profile to create and publicize material for social media platforms is an efficient way to target consumers.

Give influencers guidelines to ensure they produce content that matches your business goals. With this arrangement, you pay influencers in exchange for their promotion or give them free or discounted products or services.

There are multiple types of influencer marketing campaigns. Each one has specific benefits.

Influencer promotions are growing in popularity because they can give you a greater audience reach, foster loyalty, and introduce your brand to the influencers’ followers—people who may become future customers.