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7 Practical Strategies That Engage Brand Advocates

Jun 21, 2020

Written by Admin

7 Practical Strategies That Engage Brand Advocates

Through the ages, marketers have always valued brand advocates. While this term may not have been used, the actions and results are the same.

People who talk in glowing terms to other customers and potential consumers about their positive brand experiences are advocates for the brands they discuss.

In this digital age, marketers are learning how to formalize this process and add it to their promotional campaigns for maximum positive benefits.

Here are seven practical strategies that engage brand advocates.

1. Publish Content Focused on Your Audience

While it is essential to consistently publish fresh content, creating content that appeals to your specific target audience is just as vital.

You want to excite customers so much they are happy to share their experiences of your brand with many others through social media outlets and personal word-of-mouth recommendations.

Below are some ways to engage customers:

  • Make content accessible with easy-to-understand language.
  • Use bullet points, infographics, and relevant images.
  • Mention specific needs and discuss how your products will meet them.
  • Offer videos and slideshows, which many people like.

When you are drafting new material for your blog and website, prioritize crafting visitor-centric content that faithful users will appreciate, understand, and want to share.

2. Ask Loyal Customers What They Think

Brand advocates are your most frequent customers. Let them know you appreciate their experiences by asking them about their opinions of your brand overall rather than limiting surveys to only current products they buy.

Examples of questions include:

  • Do they like your brand’s online persona? Why or why not?
  • What kind of new products would they like to see?
  • How can customer service be improved?

When you ask loyal buyers to get involved in the company, you are forging a powerful bond that builds brand loyalty.

3. Get Personal

People appreciate individual recognition. Treat your faithful users who promote your brand as separate and distinct stars in your company’s marketing strategies.

Avoid generalized emails sent to all advocates. Always use their names and ask them about their favorite types of promotional activities.

Find out how they would like to help you. Brand users remember and appreciate these extra efforts for a long time.

4. Connect on Social Media

Social media platforms offer outstanding opportunities every day to form personal relationships with customers.

Savvy marketers make the most of these opportunities to turn customers into industry influencers. You can start conversations and keep them going in many ways, including:

  • Commenting on customers’ content
  • Sharing customers’ content
  • Recognizing customers publicly for their advocacies

When users have positive interactions with your company, they are more likely to talk well about you on social media, helping you spread the word about your brand.

5. Give Extra Benefits

Reward your loyal customers-turned-brand-advocates regularly to keep them interested. There are several ways to do this, including:

  • Giving free products
  • Offering discounts and upgrades
  • Providing exclusive offers such as birthday discounts and invitations to holiday events

Referral programs both reward advocates as well as spread your marketing reach even further by encouraging loyal customers to bring in new buyers.

When customers work on behalf of your brand, rewarding them for their efforts helps strengthen your relationship with them.

6. Present Brand Advocates on Your Website

Your website or blog is an excellent platform for honoring brand advocates publicly. Respectful recognition builds a rapport with advocates, their followers, and the public. This type of public appreciation helps you build a positive brand persona.

7. Cater to the Local Population

If you have a brick-and-mortar shop in a specific location, get involved in the community. A study found that 80% of people stayed within 20 miles of home to purchase goods and services. You have many options for connecting with local customers and potential new buyers, including:

  • Hosting or sponsoring groups or athletic teams
  • Presenting a special event
  • Offering facility tours
  • Sponsoring a contest and product giveaway

Make every interaction a chance to get to know your customers and hear what they think about your products, marketing methods, overall niche, and development plans.

Forming Links

Links are not just something you need on your website. Leveraging the power of positive customer word-of-mouth advocacy is smart marketing that exemplifies the work-smarter-not-harder concept.

Enthusiastic customers have a frankness that professional messages cannot match. By adopting strategies that attract and reward brand advocacy, you are on your way to creating a powerful force that can propel your company forward.

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