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How to Make Your Brand Stand Out Using Co-Created Content

Jul 30, 2019

Written by Admin

How to Make Your Brand Stand Out Using Co-Created Content

Standing out in the modern marketplace can be challenging. The days when a winning product that did a job well was all you needed to be confident of success have been left in the past.

Today, you not only need to make sure that you have a product or service worth buying, but you also must find a way to get that product or service before the potential customers who will be interested in it.

With more and more distraction to drag eyes off you, it's a must to get creative with your digital marketing.

One option for marketing outside the box is to take advantage of co-created content to meet your business goals.

With co-created content, you can draw in visitors who would otherwise not have known about you or your company and hopefully land some new customers.

What is Co-Created Content?

As the name implies, co-created content requires you to work together with individuals outside of your company to create compelling content.

When used as a part of your marketing plan, a co-created blog post, or some sponsored Instagram posts with a social media celebrity, can raise brand awareness and get your product in front of your target audiences.

Is Co-Created Content Right for My Brand?

The answer is almost assuredly, "yes." What's important is finding the right type of co-created content for your company. Don't be afraid to get creative with your choices.

Many types of material can be used in co-creation, ranging from collaborative blogs to humorous videos which are posted on social media or YouTube.

What Content Should I Be Co-Creating?

The right content to be making is whatever content your target audience is craving. While a high-end law firm may not benefit from a funny video, a round table discussion on the firm's area of expertise with other leading lawyers in different markets can be beneficial.

The next big thing in kids toys probably won't be sold through a dry podcast, but partnering with a toy influencer can have a massive effect.

Who Are the Best Co-Creation Partners?

Just like there's no one "correct" style of co-created content, there's no one right partner to find to help you with your marketing campaigns.

The right fit will depend on your product or service and your goals.


The fastest way to raise brand awareness for your company is by partnering with a social media influencer for your co-created content.

Whether you opt for a major celebrity with a huge following or a smaller celebrity with a more focused appeal within your core demographic, influencer marketing allows you to generate buzz and wield the influence the stars must push your business forward.


One excellent partnership to make is to co-create with experts who share similar interests as you or your company.

The added authority which comes from having multiple experts discussing your product or service raises credibility and increases exposure when the article or media is shared for its expertise.

The best expert-based content will provide comprehensive information on a topic related to your company to create plenty of organic shares on social media.


One of the best ways to build brand awareness is to develop an active community following. Offering fan-created content makes your supporters feel like they're a part of the team.

Whether it's hosting blogs for fans about your product or running promotions and contests, co-creating with fans provides affordable content and a boost to the brand.


Just because you're in the same industry as another entrepreneur or executive doesn't mean you have to be enemies.

You can opt to bring together knowledgeable voices from different markets, so there is no risk of cannibalizing.

Or, if you have products which work well together, you can partner with others in your industry to push both of your brands at the same time.

This is particularly possible in industries like podcasting where introducing listeners to similar podcasts doesn't mean they have to abandon yours, allowing both podcasts to gain listeners from the other.

Co-created content is an exciting opportunity to expand your reach and grow your company. If you haven't taken advantage of it the time is now. Find the right partner and start creating.

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