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How Do You Build an Influencer Network?

Jun 23, 2019

Written by Admin

How Do You Build an Influencer Network?

When searching for an innovative marketing strategy, more and more businesses are turning to online influencers for assistance.

Influencer marketing is a powerful way of reaching diverse audiences, building brand awareness, and gaining consumer trust.

However, in order to make the best use of influencer marketing, it is important to understand how to go about building a reliable network of influencers.

Know Yourself First

Before contacting influencers, make sure you have a thorough grasp on what makes your brand attractive to potential consumers. Collect comprehensive market research on your target audience.

Understanding your consumers’ interests and figuring out how your product can mesh with what they are looking for is a crucial step to narrowing down your brand’s niche.

Once you have identified your target audience, you can find influencers who speak to similar audience demographics.

For example, is a highlight of your product that it is entirely natural and non-toxic? If so, contact influencers who focus on promoting natural living or chemical-free products.

Recognizing your brand's strengths and your key audience helps you to determine what types of influencers are the best fit.

Pick the Best Platform

There are a number of influencer marketing platforms from which to choose. Instagram is one of today’s most popular social media platforms.

It may be among the top social media sites to consider if you are looking to tap into the Millennial market.

Young adults between the ages of 18 and 35 make up over 70% of Instagram’s user base. If you prefer video marketing as opposed to still images, you might want to seek out YouTube influencers.

YouTube may be an ideal platform for promoting items that perform well in tutorials or require in-depth explanation such as makeup and beauty products.

It is worthwhile to remember that many influencers are active on multiple platforms. So, they can potentially help you create brand awareness in several locations at once.

Also, do not discount the relevance of micro-influencers. Although micro influencers have a smaller following, they often have very close-knit and engaged audiences.

In general, the best platform is going to depend heavily on your marketing goals, target audience, and the reach of your influencer on a particular platform.

Know Your Influencers

Working with a social media influencer is often mutually beneficial for both parties. However, like any new professional relationship, it works in your favor if you demonstrate that your company is familiar with the influencer’s content ahead of time.

Not only does this help ensure that you are the right match for one another, but it also demonstrates to the influencer that you care about working with him or her.

Moreover, once you have built a strong network, it is essential to maintain contact. Building real relationships with influencers helps them develop a sense of trust in your business. They can then share that trust with their followers.

Develop a Content Strategy

Finally, your organization must decide what type of influencer marketing campaigns to run. Some brands prefer to encourage an influencer to promote the brand on his or her own without any form of payment.

Other companies might directly pay for promotions with sponsored content. Which method works for you will likely vary depending on your product, your marketing budget, and your company’s relationship with the influencers.

In addition, there are also some other unique options for marketing.

  • Brand Ambassadors: Ambassadors will mention your brand, product, or service in exchange for receiving exclusive offers or free items. Brand ambassadors can be prominent influencers or even simply a base of loyal customers.
  • Discount codes: This is a simple method in which companies give influencers a product discount code to share with their followers.
  • Giveaway Contests: Influencers may hold giveaway contests where people enter to win a free product from your company. Giveaways are a useful method of increasing your brand’s visibility while simultaneously helping the influencer gain new followers.

These are still only a few of the possible ways that brands and influencers can work together. You can use any combination of these helpful strategies to promote your business.

Getting started with influencer marketing is as simple as making the first move. Many influencers look forward to being contacted by various brands and agencies.

They will often leave their contact information readily available within their content. Do not hesitate to reach out. It could be the beginning of a great new marketing relationship.


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