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How to Increase Your Social Media Following with User-Generated Content

Aug 24, 2020

Written by Admin

How to Increase Your Social Media Following with User-Generated Content

Consumer trust is not for sale. You must earn it, and establishing trust is one of the most critical and complex tasks you can do for your business.

Winning internet fans goes hand-in-hand with building trust. One way to win social fans on various digital outlets is by adding user-generated content to your social media channels.

When done well, this content strategy fosters a sense of connection with your brand that no marketing budget can buy, no matter how large it is.

Here is how you can increase your social media following with material posted by internet users.

Share Customer Stories

Who does not love a good story? The public certainly does, and many of your brand’s customers will mention your products or services in a story format rather than in standard social posts.

Take Instagram, for example. As a savvy marketer, when you are notified that one of your followers has mentioned your brand in a story, reach out to that person immediately. Ask them if you can repost their story in your Instagram Stories feature.

Usually, the person will be glad you contacted them and permit you to republish their mention of you.

Instagram makes it easy for you to add user stories to your story feed. A good practice is to add a reference to the original poster so users can find that person.

Sharing using Instagram Stories as well as Facebook’s story feature is an effective and easy way to earn positive engagement and win more social followers.

Often, internet users place more trust in these types of organic search processes than they do in paid promotions.

Add UGC to Ads

Advertising, however, is nonetheless an effective tactic when handled creatively. For example, reviews and testimonials from users of your brand help generate trust among your social followers when you include them in your ads.

Customer comments about their experiences with your products provide social influence or proof.

This type of authentic description of a B2B buyer journey is invaluable in winning the public’s trust.

When people think highly of your brand, you will likely see more of a buzz among those following your social networks.

Add Posts That Include User Photos and Videos

An excellent content strategy to make the most of the material posted by users is to repost their original images.

When users share videos and photographs of themselves or their loved ones using your products, you have an outstanding opportunity to earn higher engagement as well as create excitement and generate good feelings about your brand.

Repost their visual content into your social networks. If you do not use their original caption, be sure and mention and thank them in your caption.

In addition to the excellent publicity the original repost creates among the public, you can leverage the repost as a springboard for more publicity.

Urge other readers to post their photos and videos featuring your product for a chance to be featured and tagged in your feed.

This is user-generated content at its best, and it is an effective way to win followers and warm, fuzzy feelings for your brand.

Share Multiple User Images

When your feeds receive many user images or videos at once, and they are closely related, make them into a slide show.

The public likes multiple-image posts, and people appreciate being tagged in your feeds. Just as when using one image or video, be sure when posting a slide show to tag all those who contributed to it.

People remember these reciprocal actions featuring their content. Connecting one-on-one with customers by sharing their original content that features your brand naturally makes your company more approachable and trustworthy in the public’s perception.

A Win-Win Scenario

Sharing user-generated content on your social channels is an easy yet extremely efficient way to boost your brand in the public mind.

When you repost people’s original material, they get excited and tell their friends and followers. These people then get excited, and a positive domino effect about your post, and your brand follows. This often leads to an increase in followers.

Furthermore, when you relate personally to social users in this way, you win your brand a positive digital presence. People begin to like you, relate to you, and trust you. This is the ultimate win for any marketer.


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