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How Can Your Business Benefit from Micro-Influencers in 2019?

Jul 17, 2019

Written by Admin

How Can Your Business Benefit from Micro-Influencers in 2019?

You can throw massive amounts of energy, time, and money into advertising your services or products and still not see the results you desire.

Rather than give up, it’s better to reframe your approach. Specifically, it’s good to find micro-influencers, especially if you have a niche product or service.

Learn how a micro-influencer campaign can benefit your business. 

Understanding Micro-Influencers 

Before launching an influencer marketing campaign, you first need to understand who micro-influencers are.

You’ve likely come across influencers on social media sites. People who act as trendsetters in a specific niche who have follower numbers ranging from roughly 1,000 to 50,000.

That doesn’t compare to the 50+ million followers of a macro influencer, but micro-influencers often have a higher engagement rate with genuinely interested followers.

Working with such individuals on Instagram and Facebook can help your business in various ways. 

Build Trust 

One of the best things about working with micro-influencers who operate within a specific niche is that they often have built a great deal of trust with their audience.

This means that when micro-influencers talk about your products or services, their audience is more likely to put a great deal of faith and trust in what they have to say.

Also, they’ll likely have a great deal of confidence in your brand or product before even buying anything from you.

Think of what your current customers trust you to deliver and ensure the influencer touches on those points. 


How much have you spent on marketing and advertising? Did your investment pay off how you hoped?

When it comes to influencer campaigns, you can enjoy a solid return on your investment. It makes sense that you’d be able to net a solid ROI by working with micro-influencers.

This is mainly because they have no stake in your business, just like any other customer, which means they have no reason to bend the truth.

What they have to say will be 100% honest. They have already done the trial and error for their audience, making their followers’ decision to do business with your company easier. 

Increased Credibility 

When you specialize in several subject areas, you may know a little about a lot. On the other hand, if you focus on a targeted sector, you’re more likely to be a master of that niche with valuable in-depth knowledge to share.  

The same is true of micro-influencers. Your target customer is more likely to find a micro-influencer more credible than a macro influencer who specializes in a specific niche such as men’s fashion or cars.

Specific Audience 

If your product or service is designed for one particular target audience, you may have trouble successfully reaching that audience online.

Micro-influencers who have various social media channels and focus on the same niche can help connect you with their audiences.

That means you can capture the attention of consumers genuinely interested in what you are selling and have a use for it.

This is a lot easier than you essentially screaming into the void trying to connect with consumers who have no use or interest in what you’re selling. 

Better Rates of Engagement

Micro-influencers connect and interact with their audience more frequently than macro-influencers. They usually get more follows and likes, and can respond to comments or question more quickly.

When you work with a micro-influencer, you will benefit from the fact that they are more likely to interact with their audience about how your product or service addresses their pain points.

The result for you is more eyes on your business and increased sales of your offerings.

When you successfully find micro-influencers willing to work with you, see if they would also be willing to share their analytics with you.

That way, you have a better idea of what your ideal customer responds to in terms of advertising and messaging.

Maybe there is a specific time of day that yields more social media interaction, or perhaps people are more responsive to one particular type of message.

Don’t just accept the micro-influencer marketing success as it comes, examine it to determine why it worked and how you can implement that into your future advertising efforts. 

Featuring sponsored posts from micro-influencers can go a long way in boosting your brand. Seek out influencers and see who is willing to work with you.


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