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Best Free Stock Photo Sites for Your Blogs and Social Media Posts

Mar 16, 2020

Written by Admin

Best Free Stock Photo Sites for Your Blogs and Social Media Posts

Marketing opportunities are exploding through social networking sites. Businesses of all sizes can take advantage of free quality stock photos to enhance their blog posts and social media feeds.

The saying is that a picture is worth a thousand words, and the right photo can send a unique message without having to waste precious time.

Statistics put the average attention span on a website (or another digitally-driven site) at 8 seconds, so it’s essential to choose the right visual content when crafting your post. For some help in locating the best free material, check out this list of reputable sites.

With this site, users have access to a wide variety of high-resolution images and crystal-clear stock photos.

To help users save time, the site has a search feature that allows you to quickly sift through the thousands of photos released on the site.

You can also follow trending photos, as the site tracks the number of views or downloads a photo receives.

The defining feature that ranks it as one of the top free photos sites is the daily upload of hundreds of new images under a common and public domain.


Hearing that something on the internet is free often makes users wonder about the potential virus or dark-web activity. There is a valid concern when asking about the safety of free stock photo sites.

When you use Unsplash, you can rely on the digital images to be of the highest quality resolution and free from viruses, malware, or any other concerns.

Unsplash has become a fan favorite for stock images. The company has a team that combs through all submissions, carefully releasing only the best on their site.


Another favorite on the list of free business stock photo sites, Pexels can offer high-quality photos under its Creative Commons Zero license.

The site is user-friendly, with easy search options and discovery pages navigating through nicely tagged photos. Users can edit photos can as needed, and no credit to the photographer is required.

Burst by Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce company out of Canada that allows just about anyone to open an online store to sell their products. 

As a bonus feature, Burst was launched to help with the sale of products, make better websites, and enhance marketing campaigns.

Many of the photos are included under Creative Commons licensing. But some of the others fall under the photo license for Shopify.

Given the business backgrounds of the users, most pictures are original and tend to follow business trends. If you have a niche industry and need to find a unique photo, this site is for you.


Speaking of niche needs, food blogging is trending around the world. Though you could spend your time uploading the creative meals you have tried or re-tweeting something memorable from another’s feed, you can find thousands of free food pictures from FoodiesFeed.

The high-resolution images are stunning and realistic, but more importantly, they are 100% free. The administrators at the site have a mission to erase ugly food and boring stock photos from the internet.


For another quality selection of royalty-free photos, head over to Reshot for images you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

The site was specifically designed with freelancers and startups in mind, as it offers a massive database of handpicked photos that are anything but tacky.

You can use them commercially and edit them as needed without giving credit to the original photographer.


Another selection of totally free photos comes from Picjumbo. This site offer photos for both personal work and commercial needs.

The content is updated daily and encompasses a variety of categories. Some of them include technology, nature, fashion, and abstract.


If you want access to quality images without worrying about licensing, this massive selection of stock photos is for you.

Backed by Getty Images, you will find frictionless downloading on the Picspree website and easy searching of images for use with small business or web professionals.

Improving your online traffic means delivering high-quality content across your website, social media profiles, or blogs.

By giving readers a stunning visual experience, you can create a lasting attraction and strengthen engagement with your content or company.

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