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5 Valuable Benefits of an Instagram Business Account

Oct 28, 2019

Written by Admin

5 Valuable Benefits of an Instagram Business Account

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Instagram has taken this adage to the bank. According to Hootsuite, this social networking provider has one billion users each month.

With such a vast user base, marketers cannot afford to ignore Instagram. And all digital marketing campaigns today should include this social networking platform.

Instagram launched Business Accounts in 2016, and the network now says there are more than 25 billion Business Accounts worldwide.

Many companies use Instagram for business because it is a great way to create engaging and compelling visual content that draws users to your content.

Here are five significant advantages to having an Instagram business account.

1. Contact Button

An extremely helpful Instagram feature when you switch to a business profile is the ability to include a contact button on your profile page.

You can set this button to include your email address or phone number or a map. When users click on the button, they will be able to email you, call you on the telephone, or see where you are located.

In addition to making it easy for customers to find you, another benefit of including valid contact information is that it makes you appear more trustworthy to potential customers.

2. Instagram Insights

Personal Instagram accounts do not have ways of measuring performance or analyzing data from your Instagram posts.

However, when you switch to a business account, you get access to Instagram Insights.

This tool gives you crucial information about how your business profile on Instagram is performing.

  • Most successful content
  • Follower information
  • Profile views

This program helps you determine how many and which users are interested in your posts, and it provides valuable follower demographics.

You also get a view of your account’s history over the past week—how many posts, impressions, reach, the number of followers, email clicks, and web site visits.

This tool also lets you view and analyze past posts up to two years old.

3. Advertising

Unlike a personal account on Instagram, a business account allows you to promote your posts through Instagram ads.

Having a Facebook business page is an advantage here because you can create your promotion on your Facebook pages.

When you are asked where you want to place the finished advertisement, you can choose to put it on Instagram.

4. Links

Instagram does not allow for clickable links back to your website if your business has a personal profile.

However, if you have a Business Account and have earned 10,000 followers, you have access to Instagram Stories.

This feature lets you include links. More than 70 percent of U.S. businesses use Instagram accounts to market goods and services and create brand awareness.

When Instagram users have links back to your web pages, studies show more than half are likely to click on them.

The visit may not immediately generate revenue. But you have increased your audience reach, and users may return to your website later or share your information with their followers and connections.

5. Prominent Industry Listing

Your profile on an Instagram Business Account will be clearly specified, so people know exactly what your specialty is.

If you connect your Instagram Business Account to your Facebook business page, relevant information travels between the profiles.

Each account can be directly modified if need be, but this smooth transfer makes it simple for you to highlight your area of expertise on both platforms.

Another Added Benefit

As a business owner, you create an Instagram account so you can build an audience and promote brand awareness through strong visual content.

When you switch to an Instagram Business Account, you have a focused venue for reaching larger audiences that may not have heard of your brand before.

Instagram is an excellent platform for making use of hashtags, which is one way that users of this social network search for new products and services.

Hashtags help people find you, and they are a natural for using in your Instagram Business Account.

The more people find you, the better your chances of generating revenue through increased sales.

Instagram is a big success story. Just nine years old, this social network channel has millions of users around the world.

With such potential, marketers are taking advantage of the multiple benefits that Instagram Business Accounts offer.

Making the most of available tools is smart business sense, and it helps free you up to focus on growing your company while making your life easier.

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