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Maximizing Sponsored Content Opportunities: Strategies for Health & Wellness Influencers

Mar 26, 2024

Written by Casey Bjorkdahl

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Maximizing Sponsored Content Opportunities: Strategies for Health & Wellness Influencers

Are you a Health & Wellness Influencer with any size following that is looking to turn their passion project into a profitable platform? Influencer marketing for health and wellness is booming, a perpetual pain point that everyone needs professional advice on.

You have the skills to transform someone's life completely, but building a successful blog and social media presence and getting a larger audience for your content goes above and beyond just being informational. You need strategic partnerships that will help you in your journey to become a thought leader in your space while creating a dedicated brand.

In this guide, we'll cover essential topics such as how to get sponsored content on your blog, health influencer marketing strategies tailored just for you, and blog monetization strategies.


Why Sponsored Content Matters for Health & Wellness Influencers

Health influencer marketing strategies are similar to other industries when you are just starting. You'll need to create quality content using blog posts, guest posts, videos, Instagram reels, YouTube videos for thought leadership, direct reach-outs, and other ways of contacting your target market and creating a strong community.

Landing sponsored content partnerships increases your credibility and holds immense value for your business. Sponsored content partnerships allow you to:


  • Earn income: How do you monetize a health and wellness blog? Collaborate with brands that align with your values and create content that gets you paid, eliminating the pressure to sell or rely on ads for every single post.
  • Expand your reach: You can leverage the existing audience of the sponsoring brand to reach a wider network and amplify your message to your existing network.
  • Boost credibility: Brands that collaborate with small influencers know that they aren't just getting a great deal but also helping you gain credibility for your message.
  • Gain valuable experience: Influencer marketing for health and wellness requires more than just good content creation. It also requires good business acumen. Negotiating deals helps you gain valuable insights into your industry and understand who you want to work with.


Strategies for Growing a Health and Wellness Blog

Now that you understand the importance of sponsorships and brand deals, you'll need to start thinking about how to start attracting great companies to work with you. What are some strategies for successful influencer marketing? Here are five proven steps to attract more sponsors:


Work with Influencer Platforms for Paid Collaborations

Partnering with an established influencer marketing platform like Valued Voice can significantly streamline your process and maximize your earning potential from day one. You can get help with simplified matchmaking from a vast network of brands, fast and secure payments, and complete editorial control over who you work with and what content you post.


Quality Content Creation

Establish yourself as a trusted voice in the health and wellness community. Create informative, well-researched content, engage with your audience, and actively participate in relevant online discussions (think podcasts, collaborations with practitioners in your space, and answering questions on Reddit, Quora, and online forums).


Craft a Compelling Media Kit

A well-designed media kit shows your strengths and value proposition to brands. Include your audience demographics, engagement metrics, content samples, and testimonials. Think about why a brand would want to work with you and put together a great package that explains how they will get their return on investment.


Network & Collaborate

Don't view other creators as your competition. Build healthy relationships with other verified health and wellness influencers in your niche. Explore co-creation opportunities, guest posts, and joint ventures to expand your reach and attract potential brand partners. You can both mutually benefit from accessing each other's audience. Think of a candle: It can share its light but doesn't diminish its own.


Build a Personal Brand

As an influencer, your business will be tied to your personal brand. While logos and corporate structure are important, make sure you have a vibrant appearance on your platforms and directly connect with your audience. Go live on streaming platforms, post relevant content, and add your unique twist wherever possible.


Ready to Work with an Influencer Marketing Platform?

Valued Voice offers influencers like you a powerful platform to connect with brands, share their knowledge, and earn income doing what they love.

With an effective and far-reaching network, user-friendly tools, and secure payment options, Valued Voice helps you to turn your passion into a profitable venture while maintaining control over what you post and what brands you want to work with.

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