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Increase eCommerce Website Traffic With 5 Simple Tips

Jul 08, 2020

Written by Admin

Increase eCommerce Website Traffic With 5 Simple Tips

Coming up with great products and services and launching a company website is a lot of work, but you must keep working. In today’s digital marketplace, you need to drive traffic to your site.

Even though the internet is perpetually busy, here are five simple tips to increase eCommerce website traffic.

1. Follow Up with Site Visitors

Staying in contact with those who visit your website is a highly practical way to encourage loyalty so that they will return.

Keep lists of site visitors and add to them regularly. Usually the first time someone visits your website, they will not purchase anything.

However, you can quietly nudge those who have visited your site before by regularly contacting them with relevant messages.

Be flexible in your delivery, as customers prefer different platforms, including:

Up-to-date lists of site visitors are excellent tools for encouraging and directing traffic to your website. 

2. Partner with Influencers

An effective way to boost your online presence and encourage site visits from more people interested in your products or services is to work with influencers.

They are individuals or companies with established followers. Generally, influencers focus on particular niches, be it vegan cooking, car repair, or soccer.

For this strategy to be successful and generate website traffic, you should partner with reputable influencers who are in your niche.

For example, if you manufacture athletic socks, look to pair your brand name with an influencer in the athletic industry rather than with a fashionista.

When you work with influencers to drive traffic to your store, you are sharing your message with parties already interested in what you are selling.

Skilled influencers can help you get your message out to large numbers of people you might not reach otherwise, giving you a good ROI.

3. Build a Better Website

Consumers today do not like advertisements overtly trying to sell them things. Instead, they want something more from you than your product or service.

They want value for their time, and you can provide this by publishing a high-quality website rich with original and beneficial content.

Quality design and information matter, as eCommerce traffic statistics show. This step involves several essential facets, including:

  • Powerful metadata—Include accurate and interesting descriptions and unique page titles for your webpages. Useful metadata often leads to valuable eCommerce traffic generation.
  • Relevant keywords—Include carefully considered keywords. Keep track of which keywords perform best using digital analytical tools.
  • Working links
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Fast load time

Maintaining a quality website is a critical element of eCommerce traffic generation, and it is an ongoing task. When you build an excellent digital store, people will repeatedly return to shop there.

4. Write a Blog

Writing and maintaining a blog is an effective way to drive traffic to your online store. Well-written, original blog posts are an excellent opportunity to introduce people to your brand while you give them valuable and perhaps even entertaining information.

Use your blog to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. An effective way to do this is to conduct original research such as surveys and use your blog as a platform for publishing your results. People will begin to consider you as the go-to information source in your industry.

A blog is also a great way to build bridges with consumers. Publish question-and-answer sessions responding to customer queries.

Trust, though invaluable in today’s marketplace, cannot be bought. It would help if you worked at establishing relationships with customers. Blogs are outstanding venues for this.

5. Use Social Media

When used well, social media platforms are one of the most critical eCommerce traffic sources today’s digital marketers have.

Making the most of social media involves research. To reach those in your target audience, you need to know many facts, including:

  • What social networks they use
  • When they use them
  • What communications they respond to most enthusiastically

Knowing where to find potential customers enables you to interact with them in real-time. When you answer their questions, make comments, and respond to theirs, you forge a relationship that goes far beyond just one purchase.

Building a Bridge for More Traffic

Obviously, you want people to visit your online store. While large website visitor numbers are positive, step back and look at the bigger picture.

A few simple steps nurture ongoing relationships with consumers. When customers feel connected to your brand, they are likely to look past internet chatter and return to your store. This is the key to long-term success.


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