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What Does Link in Bio Mean?

Sep 08, 2022

Written by Casey Bjorkdahl

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What Does Link in Bio Mean?

If you've been browsing Instagram lately, you might be familiar with the phrase "Check out the link in bio," but what exactly is a link in bio? What does link in bio mean? And why do so many influencers have this seemingly redundant catchphrase? Read on below to find out what a link in bio means, and how to put a link in Instagram bio to get the most out of your followers!

What is an Instagram Link in Bio?

When you hear the phrase, "link in bio," this usually refers to having a link put into the profile of your Instagram. People can view and click on this link by navigating to the top of your page on Instagram. Just underneath your profile picture, you will see your name on Instagram, your followers, and a follow unfollow button.

Underneath that information will be the description of your page, and there will be space to input a link in your profile page. This link can then lead your followers to a landing page, web page, or anywhere else to drive sales and convert leads.

How to Add a Link in Bio Instagram and How to put a link in TikTok bio

It's easy to add a link in bio Instagram and on TikTok. To do so, do the following:

  1. At the top of your page, hit the button that says "Edit Profile."
  2. You will be redirected to a page that shows your profile information, such as name, username, and information.
  3. Underneath the Bio heading, you will see the option to Add Links. Tap on this option.
  4. Select "Add external link," and you will be directed to add a URL along with a title. You can then add your URL and a title that is optimized and descriptive, such as "Hat shop," or "CBD shop."

After you add the link, navigate back to your profile and make sure that the link pops up in your description or bio. Click on it to make sure that it is working and can lead your customers to the landing page you need them to visit.

How to Get the Most of Your Link in Bio

Although smaller creators are only allowed to put one single link on their bio, this doesn't mean that it's completely useless. Having a clickable link in Instagram bio can help you convert leads, as well as increase user engagement! Anything from giveaways to your personal shop, or even another social media account like a YouTube channel are all good links to put into your Instagram.

In addition, you can use a link in bio Instagram tool to help create a streamlined website that gathers all of your photos, videos, and Instagram posts into a single page. These tools are widely popular among influencers, and are now well-established, so you can get the best in development and support.

Best Link in Bio Tools

While you can easily put a website or webpage as your link in bio, there are other options such as using a link in bio Instagram tool to help create a uniform webpage. Some of the best tools for your site are listed below.

Link Folio

If you run a shop, Link Folio is one of the best tools to use for your Instagram link in bio. It gathers all of your posts and URLs into a single page, making it easy for your audience to navigate to the specific post they saw and use that link for their reference.

Link Folio is also unique in that it allows you to bill your customers directly through its platform. Your customers won't have to navigate outside of Instagram and instead can use Link Folio to make all of their purchases.


Linktree is another great tool that gives you access to unlimited URLs. When using Linktree, you can input your logo over the Linktree logo for only $6 a month. You also get feedback and can view how many people are using your URLs, as well as redirect them to Facebook or Instagram as needed.

Linktree also gives you the power to schedule posts onto your Instagram, putting other URLs up automatically for you. This is one of the best link bio tools for creators that are on a budget but need a customized page for their sales or affiliate marketing.


Lnk.Bio offers users the ability to have a customized URL, as well as input their links and multiple customized images. Their mobile slider is easy to use for customers, and it provides a streamlined and easy-to-read service for users.

Lnk.Bio also provides analytics tools and email support so you can help your brand grow. For only $25 per month, it's also one of the best link in bio tools for creators on a budget.

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