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How Social Bookmarking Helps Content Creators Earn More

Jul 06, 2022

Written by Casey Bjorkdahl

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How Social Bookmarking Helps Content Creators Earn More

Content creators are no strangers to SEO strategies, tools, and revenue-increasing sites. Social bookmarking may not be as talked about as some of the other tools, but it can be a useful part of an overall SEO strategy.  Top sites give the following definition of social bookmarking: an online tool that is part of a platform that allows users to bookmark pages that have caught their interest. Robust bookmarking sites also provide a community for comparing notes, trading tips, and discussing useful sites within a specific niche. Pinterest is a good example of a bookmarking site that also offers a very robust community for users.

The topics can be arranged by threads or rooms where users compare notes on topics that are of interest to them. These platforms provide a great place to get inspired, network with other influencers, and, of course, gain more backlinks. Content creators who are looking to increase their followings, as well as their network, can benefit from being active on social bookmarking sites. 

Another great benefit of incorporating a bookmarking site or two into an SEO strategy is the insight it can give into your prospective audience. For example, fashion bloggers will want to be able to spot new trends before they go mainstream. When this blogger has a strong understanding and level of use on a relevant bookmarking platform, they will be aware of upcoming trends before they are reported on mainstream media sites. Being ahead of the curve when it comes to trend spotting will gain them greater credibility, boost their following, and help to increase their earnings. 

What is social bookmarking site, and what is a social bookmarking site?

Think of Pinterest or Digg. These sites allow users to bookmark interesting pages on the web for future use as content inspiration. Additionally, content is divided into topic and subject matter. Users can be active in such spaces, seeing other users' bookmarks and forming networks with other influencers who are interested in similar topics. The networks that users form on these sites can help them to gain a lot of insight into their desired topics and know what people are talking about and which way trends are moving. Joining a site and becoming active is an effective way to increase credibility.

Use social bookmarking SEO to boost credibility

In order to have credibility, an influencer or other content creators need to be seen as an authority. One of the most used benchmarks for determining credibility is how other sites view an influencer's content. The more backlinks into a site, the more authority it will be perceived to have. By forming strong networks with other influencers, the rate of backlinks to your site should go up. This will give you a position of authority that will increase metrics such as followers, engagement, and conversions. Social bookmarking is a very effective tool to help a site or page's voice and area of focus. Knowing what interests people can help to inform content and the direction of a site.

Finding social bookmarking sites that are right for you

When choosing a social bookmarking site, it's important to get specific. If one of the most popular bookmarking sites doesn't have much activity around your area of interest, it will be of little interest to you. Find a site that has a lot of activity and interest in your niche topic. This will allow you to become an active participant. The best way to find out if a social bookmarking site is a good fit for your needs is to give it a test drive. Spend some time reading and engaging and seeing what results you get. Don't get bogged down on a site that just isn't right for you.

Utilize the most effective social bookmarking tools

The only way a social bookmarking site will work for you is if you use it! Spend some quality, focused time on the site. Join discussions and share information that is interesting to the group. This isn't a situation where you can just sit back and observe. To get the most out of this tool, you will need to be an active participant. Don't be afraid to be opinionated and engage in lively discussions! This is definitely a tool that requires active participation and engagement to be really worthwhile.

Content creators who are looking for ways to boost their earnings can benefit from a robust presence on a social bookmarking site. These sites can be a Holy Grail for backlinks. Because backlinks are such a huge part of establishing credibility, they are often the foundation of successful and high-earning influencer sites. Having a spot to find relevant content is another great benefit of using a social bookmarking site. 

Any content creator who is looking to move to the next level can benefit from becoming active on a social bookmarking site. In addition to learning useful and actionable information, it can help bloggers and influencers to gain a stronger network. Networking with other influencers is an effective way to build credibility and reach a wider audience. There's no limit to the benefits that can be gained from building a robust network with other influencers. Backlinks are the most tangible tool that networks can provide, but that's not all. Strong networks can also provide a lot of inspiration for future content as well as insight into upcoming trends and changes. There's no reason why any successful content creator shouldn't be using social bookmarking!

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