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Savor Success: Navigating Food Influencer Marketing Trends

Mar 05, 2024

Written by Casey Bjorkdahl

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Savor Success: Navigating Food Influencer Marketing Trends

There's nothing like a great meal to bring everyone together. The time-honored tradition of breaking bread together became much easier with the advent of the internet and social media. Social food trends  such as whipped coffee and smoothie bowls are in, but this should not always be the basis of your content.

Rather than focus on specific food, drinks, and menu items, food influencer marketing trends should match your persona, style, and creative flair.

Throughout this guide, we'll look at the key trends that will turn your passion into a thriving career. We'll also explore top food marketing trends and how you can capitalize on them to fully monetize your efforts and take your content to the next level.


What Are Current Trends in Food Marketing and Distribution?

No one likes hopping on the bandwagon, but it's always important to keep current with trends in your industry so that, at the very least, you can provide your input and comments. Regardless of what you think about the trends in your industry, you can always discuss them with your audience to find out what they feel about them.

Here are some trends to watch out for:


Sustainable and Ethical Eating


Influencer marketing for food needs to appeal to a broad audience, and it is increasingly popular to focus on sustainable and ethical food choices. This includes promoting plant-based diets, locally sourced ingredients, and eco-friendly cooking practices. Tell your audience what they can substitute for milk, butter, meat, eggs, and other alternatives!


Short-Form Video Content

Have you noticed that TikTok, Reels, and YouTube shorts have been blowing up recently? That's not an accident. Short-form video conveys a lot in a short time, allowing you to captivate an entire audience and get them to stick around for your longer videos and blog posts. Share quick and appealing recipes and cooking hacks to get that attention stirring.


Home Cooking, DIY, Voice-overs

The world has shifted to a largely remote environment, and inflation isn't helping matters. This means there has been a considerable rise in home cooking , even among those who don't necessarily consider themselves "chefs." DIY recipes, cooking tips, and small meal prep ideas tremendously help everyone get started and refine their cooking pallet.


Cuisine Fusion and Food Pairing

Did your parents ever tell you not to play with your food? They sure didn't tell your audience. Food experimentation is a great way to engage your audience and give them something to talk about. Putting your own unique twist on a recipe, combining two (or more) cultural foods together, or providing advice on unique pairings and weird combinations are all great ways to increase your views and shares.


Collaborating with Reputable Brands

The influencer marketing food industry includes many brands looking for innovative content creators to share their ideas about cooking, food, taste, tricks, tips, etc. Collaborating with a reputable brand will help improve your content and provide you with monetization options to grow your channel. Plus, sponsors can build your audience and give you ingredients and recipes to work with.

But how can you go about doing that? Valued Voice is a content creator marketing platform that does just that and more. Collaborate with your favorite brands while focusing on what you do best.

How to Become a Food Influencer

Joining a collaborative platform gives you the power to work with brands and other influencers and work towards becoming a successful food influencer. Creating content such as posting videos, starting a blog, sharing your experiences on social media, and aligning your values are great ways to grow your audience.

Working with Valued Voice gives you complete control over your content and rates. Here are some great benefits of partnering with a dedicated influencer marketing platform:


  • Say Yes (or NO!): Our platform empowers you to accept or reject offers, allowing you to create partnerships that align with your personal brand and relate to your audience.
  • Dashboard for Job Management: Manage all your jobs, earnings, and collaborations in one easy-to-use space.
  • No Legwork: Submit your blog and social channels to Valued Voice, and passively receive offers from brands seeking influencers like you.
  • Free and Easy Account Setup: The onboarding process is made easy, starting with your account setup. Fast payments and transparent rates follow quickly once you get your first deal.
  • Monetize Even Small Follow Counts: Valued Voice knows you have something to offer, regardless of your follower count. Partnering with the right brand is mutually beneficial and can explode both businesses.


Turn Your Dreams Into Reality with Valued Voice

Stay updated on current food influencer marketing trends, discover your unique culinary voice, and monetize your following with Valued Voice. Ready to turn your culinary passion into a lucrative venture? Sign up with Valued Voice today to monetize your following through exciting collaborations with top-tier food brands. It only takes five minutes to get started!

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