The internet has created many new and fascinating jobs that simply couldn't have existed before it was implemented. For example, the social media influencer is a whole new and potentially lucrative position that has become very popular for young and tech-savvy individuals. Understanding how to make money as an influencer is crucial if you want to take this career path in your life.

How Much Money Can You Make As an Influencer?

Before deciding on a career as an influencer, it is vital to know just how much money you may make in this position. Well, that can vary depending on many different factors. One site suggests that micro-influencers, someone who has 10,000 to 50,000 followers, can typically earn about $40,000 on the low end and about $100,000 on the high end.

But what about those people with millions of followers? Those are the authentic social influencers, the ones that people emulate and talk about even outside the internet. These individuals can earn almost staggering amounts of money if they get on the right platform. It is believed that they make at least tens of thousands of dollars per post or video, depending on their platform and their market.

Clearly, that's a lot of money for doing something that many people may find simplistic or straightforward. However, the most prominent social influencers are those who've put in the hard work of building up an audience and who understand how to create content that engages. These individuals aren't lucky or lazy: they put in years of struggle to get to where they're at in their life.

When talking about how to make money as an influencer, it is first important to understand that you won't make a lot of money right away. You might end up having to do this job on the side or part-time with your full-time position. However, the effort can quickly pay off if you catch the right niche and understand how to make money as an influencer with your posts and on various social media platforms.

How To Make Money as an Influencer

When wondering, “can you make money as an influencer?” it is essential to know how influencers make this kind of money. There are several different options that help people make good money when working as an influencer. Follow these steps when starting your influencer career:

  • Find an Affiliate Partner: Influencers often get sponsored by various companies for whom they provide advertisements. They may also provide discount codes that influencers can share with their followers to help make money. Find affiliate partners within your specific field and apply for their influencer programs.
  • Integrate Display Advertising: Many video sites and blog influencer platforms provide display advertising options, including brief video ads or advertisements on blog sites. Use this advertising option to reach a broader audience and get a little extra money.
  • Schedule Sponsored Posts: As your audience spreads, find sponsors willing to pay for your posts. You may include sponsored videos, blog posts, tweets, and much more. Always share that a post is sponsored to provide appropriate transparency for your readers or viewers.
  • Sell Merchandise: Create a merchandising shop where you can sell things like digital courses, subscriptions, ebooks, real books, t-shirts, hats, photos, videos, and other items. Promote these products regularly and consider starting a Patreon program with various perks for your supporters.

Various Influencer Marketing Platforms to Try

Social media influencers can set up platforms on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tik Tok, and the latest trending platform that takes off. Once they have an audience established on one or multiple social networks, working with an influencer marketing platform is one of the best ways to monetize. Influencer marketing platforms make it much easier to identify potential sponsors. These platforms make it so easy for bloggers and social media influencers to make money because sponsors and advertisers also sign up for these platforms when they are interested in collaborating with influencers. 

Platforms allow influencers to create profiles and showcase their followings so that advertisers can find and connect with the perfect influencers. Some platforms even handle all of the communication with the advertiser on your behalf and work to find sponsored post opportunities for you. The best influencer marketing platforms allow you creative freedom and let you keep full control over what you post and share with your audience. Getting paid is also done through influencer marketing platforms making it easy and stress free. 

When learning how to make money as an influencer, it is essential to utilize these platforms and ensure that you take the best steps for your marketing success. Doing so can ensure you get the spread that you need.

Learning More About How To Make Money as an Influencer

If you're interested in learning how to make money as an influencer, it is crucial to follow the example of any successful influencers you may follow. These individuals have the experience needed to thrive and may even provide you with some tips and suggestions. Then, when all else fails, just be yourself and do what you can to feel comfortable in your new influencer positions.

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