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Becoming the Next Keyboard Cat: 3 Steps to Creating Viral Content

Viral marketers work around the clock to create content that has the potential to reach thousands of eyes. Even though it is not an exact science, there are some essential tips that can help.

Why Having a Blog is Beneficial in Influencer Marketing

Blogging enhances influencer marketing with increased sponsorships and audience growth. We've highlighted why it's vital for influencers to maintain a blog

What Influencers Need to Know About the Updated FTC Guidelines

The FTC’s newest guidelines, Disclosures 101 for Social Media Influencers, is aimed at making influencer campaigns even more transparent to would-be buyers.

6 Effective Ways to Start a Brand Ambassador Program

Brand ambassadors are hired by companies to put a face to products. They are meant to embody the company in manners, behavior, attitude, and even appearance.

Diversify Your Distribution Channels To Increase Visibility on Your Content

Expanding your distribution channels boosts brand awareness and audience growth. We outlined why diversifying your distribution channels is so essential.

Don't Make These 6 Digital Marketing Mistakes in 2020

You could be hindering yourself by committing common errors that keep your campaign from achieving its full potential. Here are six digital marketing mistakes to avoid in 2020.

What is the Difference Between Being an Influencer and Being Influential?

Influential people have made significant and positive impacts on both individuals and the world. This is precisely why there should be no confusion between influential people and people who are influencers.

What is the Difference Between a Creator and an Influencer?

The terms “creator” and “influencer” are used to describe the makers and promoters of branded content across social platforms.

What is Third-Party Content and Should You Use It?

While sharing original content shows your customers your company and its products or services, sharing content from other people provides further value, help, and education.

What is Influencer Engagement? How Can You Measure It?

An influencer need not have a huge audience to have a high engagement rate. Engagement is about the relationship between influencers and followers.

Instagram Hashtags: Best Practices for Maximum Exposure

Hashtags make it easy for social media users to easily find posts with specific user-generated content. They can then follow and participate in relevant discussions.

5 Valuable Benefits of an Instagram Business Account

Many companies use Instagram for business because it is a great way to create engaging and compelling visual content that draws users to your content.

5 Ways to Benefit from User Generated Content

User-generated content, or UGC, is the most appealing type of marketing to the public. Consumers trust their peers.

What Factors Do Influencers Consider Before Promoting a Brand?

You are not the only one with goals for success. Influencers also have ambitions and want to partner with companies that will benefit them.

Why You Should Focus on Alignment Over Numbers When Choosing Influencers

Finding the right influencers means focusing more on audience engagement rates rather than sheer volume.

10 Social Media Tools Every Brand Needs

Social media is an important part of creating brand awareness. But with so many platforms to use, many business owners end up feeling overwhelmed.

5 Reasons Why Trust is the Key to Successful Influencer Campaigns

As today’s digitally driven world becomes more technologically advanced, traditional marketing strategies are changing. Instead of aiming corporate advertisements at a general audience, companies are increasingly focusing on influencers.

How to Make Your Brand Stand Out Using Co-Created Content

With co-created content, you can draw in visitors who would otherwise not have known about you or your company and hopefully land some new customers.

How Can Your Business Benefit from Micro-Influencers in 2019?

Featuring sponsored posts from micro-influencers can go a long way in boosting your brand. Seek out influencers and see who is willing to work with you.

5 Innovative Ways Big Brands Build Loyalty and Community

In a competitive industry, client acquisition is important, but client retention is essential. As the axiom says, it costs less money to retain an existing customer than it does to find a new one.